About Us

Barbara is a dreamer and sucker for love stories while she has a degree in Communications with Audio Visuals.

Then we have Luis, who is an observer and has an eerie for detail; he has a degree in Multimedia and Audio Engineering. 

Although we are from Venezuela originally, moved to Washington DC in 2016, and just like a cliché, we have an incredible

fairytale-like story, but that’s for another time. 

As husband and wife, we studied Digital and Documentary Photography, Visual Arts, and Film

to refine our photography style and incorporate new techniques. 

Our craft has made waves and getting queries out of the DMV area; hence we are expanding. 

We truly understand the whole process of weddings, the usual stress, and nerves, despite all that, perfect photographs are a must, Period! Therefore, we have this uncanny tack about them that put every couple to ease.  

We also are fluent in Spanish as well; hence the Latino Community is more than welcome too. No matter where your wedding is, we will fly in to capture those moments for you and make those memories freeze in Polaroid forever for you.  

About Barbara Gomez

Hola, I am Barbara, a photographer and creative that really enjoy document love stories, I grew up with a family that loved to take pictures and that led me to fall deeply in love with capturing raw emotions and the true essence of an individual or event.

I graduated in communications and I have had the fortune to work in the area of video production so I can play a good role in photography and videography. Definitely one of my favorite parts of this work is the final delivery, so I'm in charge of the post-production process, because I love to deliver photographs that allow my clients relive the emotions of those moments.

I am married to my second shooter so it is very likely that you will see us working together, in my free time I'm dedicated to my small garden, or creating my own food photographs.

I love spending time with my family, watch documentaries on Netflix, and stand up comedies. 

Barbara Gomez - Photographer

Things I love

  • Watching live music concerts
  • I love cheese, dogs and cats (a lot!)
  • Wine, Dark Chocolate & Music
  • Candles

Other Activities

  • Listen to podcasts
  • Learn about other cultures
  • Cooking for family & friends.
  • I can spend hours talking with my mom, she's my best friend!

About Luis Rivas

Since I was a kid I was attracted to Images, cameras, and things that made sounds. In the year 1995, I got my first film photo camera and my first guitar. I spent those years learning and having fun with my new toys. It was hard for me to find a career that allowed me to develop what I really wanted to do. 

I got my degree as Audio Engineer in the year 2003, but I also studied film, video editing, photography, and music. Since then I worked on several projects, multiples companies, traveled to 20 countries around the globe capturing images through lenses. 

That experience brought me and my family to Washington DC in January 2016 to work on a contract basis at the Inter American Development Bank where I found the beauty of the American culture. 

I love to spend time with my family and my kids and that's why I love working at weddings and couples photography because there is when a family begins. When a family hires you as a photographer they are opening the doors of their house, to their families, to their very intimate moment. That's meaningful for me and makes me feel committed to delivering the best experience possible.   

Luis Rivas - Photographer

Luis's hobbies

  • I like to spend time with my kids and travel.
  • Listen to the music of different genres, mainly rock and metal.
  • Watching Formula 1 races
  • I ride my bike for hours and I run regularly.

Other Activities / Skills

  • I produce my own music on www.lyonen.com
  • I play electric, acoustic and classical guitar. Composer and writer.
  • Videographer and video editor
  • I love audio and video engineering